They’re universal, so should fit most estates and 4x4s with a flat back (i.e. no lip or sill at the back, so if you’re lifting a heavy box out of the car you can slide it out without lifting it up over the ledge)
The backseats of the car need to be upright, as the tailgate has bars which need to butt up against the backseat for safety reasons.
The design of the crate means that you would need a soft padded bed (i.e. not a blanket or vetbed) to put over the bars in the back, to ensure maximum comfort for your dog(s). Particularly if you have dobermanns for whom comfort is an absolute priority!

In order to check that the tailgate will fit your car you may wish to check the measurements:

Height: from 655mm to 960mm
Width: from 955mm to 1120mm
Depth: from 820mm to 1300mm

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